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Kimia Zue Huat Sdn Bhd (KZHSB) originated in 1988 as a distributor for industrial chemicals and lubricants. Due to overwhelming requests from customers who were facing problems in handling the used chemicals solvents, KZHSB realised the need for a responsible chemical waste contractor.

In 1996, the company was approved by the Department of Environment (DOE) to be a licensed integrated provider of Industrial Scheduled Waste Management services whose specialisation comprised of collection, transportation and off-site recovery of scheduled waste.

Hence, KZHSB became the solution to handling immense volume of chemical wastes generated by the electronic, metal stamping, printing, automotive, rubber, medical and many other industries.

Our customer list also includes many high profile multinational companies, whom we have been able to fulfill their stringent requirements and convince them of our capabilities.

Over the years, KZHSB’s in-house engineering and chemistry expertise, continuous technological sophistication complemented with vast experiences have enabled higher recovery rates, purity level and cost-effectiveness.

The company managed to flourish and gain customers from all over Malaysia and even the international market for its recycled products.

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KZH Chemicals Sdn Bhd is principally engaged in sales, marketing and distribution of virgin solvents to the diversified industrial sector throughout the country. Our close association with leading petrol-chemicals companies had enabled us to provide consistently good quality products and capture a respectable share of the market. Also through our R&D we have successfully blended specialty products to specifically meet the stringent requirements of our customers, hence, reinforcing our presence in an exclusively niche markets.

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