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A Realization Unfolds

With vast industrialization and rapid urban expansion, waste and environmental management is a complex issue that has now become a global concern. Infectious and hazardous wastes from various industries have created needs related to healthy air quality, safe water supplies and proper waste management.

With these considerations in mind, it is fundamental that steps be taken to meet and embrace these environmental challenges, for the lack of waste management threatens the human health and turns places into unsightly, dirty and unhealthy places to live in. Waste management experts, with their right knowledge and equipment, are vital services required to provide and create effective and innovative waste management solutions to tackle a multitude of problems such as hazardous waste and water clean-ups, or chemical and oil spills.

These experts must also be complemented with a strong drive to preserve our environment and its valuable resources and a continuous active and supportive role in the community. Certainly serious commitment, dedication and passion are needed indeed to make a difference.

At Kimia Zue Huat, this difference is our responsibility. We are pledged to protect the environment, our inherited earth and our lives in the community.

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