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Our products and services can be broadly categorised into :

Kimia Zue Huat Products and Services

1. Schedule Waste Management
We are licensed by the Department Of Environment to collect, transport and perform off-site recovery of solvents based Scheduled Waste, which include Code SW301, SW302, SW303, SW321, SW322, SW323, SW327 and and so forth as specified under the Environmental Quality (Scheduled wastes) Regulations 2005 of the Environmental Quality Act 1974.

Scheduled Waste Description

Spent organic acids with pH less or equal to 2 which are corrosive or hazardous.
Flux waste containing mixture or organic acids, solvents or compounds of ammonium chloride.
Adhesive or glue waste containing organic solvents excluding solid polymeric materials.
Rubber or latex wastes or sludge containing organic solvents or heavy metals.
Waste of non-halogenated organic solvents.
Waste of halogenated organic solvents.
Waste of thermal fluids (heat transfer) such as ethylene glycol.
Waste arising from the preparation and production of pharmaceutical product.
Discarded or off-specification inks, paints, pigments, lacquer, dye or varnish products containing organic solvent.
A mixture of scheduled wastes.
Chemicals that are discarded or off-specification.

2. Selling of Recycled Products
Through continuous efforts in Research & Development, we are now able to produce recycled products which adhere to stringent standards, hence comparable in quality to the virgin product. Our range of recycled products has long been accepted in the present local and international markets.

3. Purification of Solvents
Our role in researching the use of various chemical mechanical process treatments to enhance the quality of products have already been re-acquired by our clients. Out-of-spec solvent products for e.g. over the expiry date or contaminated with other substances can be sent to Kimia Zue Huat Sdn Bhd for further publication & treatment.

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KZH Chemicals Product List

No. Product   No. Product
1 Acetone   20 MEG
2 Butyl Acetate   21 Methanol
3 Butyl Carbitol   22 Methyl Ethyl Ketone
4 Butyl Cellosolve   23 Methyl Isobutyl Ketone
5 Cellosolve Solvent (ECS / EO)   24 Methylene Chloride
6 Cyclohexanone   25 Normal Butanol
7 Diacetone Alcohol   26 P100
8 Diethylene Glycol   27 P150
9 Ethanol 100   28 Pegasol 3040
10 Ethanol 940   29 PM
11 Ethanol 960   30 PMA
12 Ethyl Acetate   31 Shell Catenex S 523
13 Hexane   32 Shell Sarasol 100
14 Isobutanol   33 Shell Sarasol 120
15 Isopar H   34 Shell sarasol 85
16 Isopar L   35 Shellsol A 100
17 Isophorone   36 Solvesso 100
18 Isopropyl Alcohol   37 Toluene
19 Laws   38 Xylene


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